Model 1916 Carbines
The Model 1916 carbine is simply a Model 1916 action with a carbine-length barrel.  Like the unmarked 1916's, it has no markings to indicate where it was
made, although they were presumably manufactured or converted at Oviedo.  I would guess that these were mostly if not entirely refurbished from older
carbines, but I can't positively state that none were newly manufactured.  Note that the term "1916 Carbine" is a term that I invented to describe "unmarked
carbine with action modified or manufactured to 1916 configuration and serialed or reserialed with a four-digit number".  It is not an official term that you will
find in any book.
Collectible Firearms Photo used with Permission
Collectible Firearms Photo used with Permission
A top view of the action is shown below.  Note the lack of markings,
the thumb cut in the left side of the receiver wall, and the carbine sight.
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Serial Numbers and Production

So far, I have only seen plain serial numbers (no letter prefix) with the top one being 89XX.  Based on these observations, the total production is estimated to
be about 10,000.
The picture shown below is actually a Paraguayan 1893 Carbine, but shows what a Spanish 1916
carbine that is not stocked to the muzzle looks like.
Collectible Firearms photo, used with permission
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Serial Numbers