Foreign Manufactured Model 1893's
The two photos show two views of the
Spanish crest found on the German
made Model 1893's.
John Robb photo, used with permission
John Robb photo, used with permission
John Robb photo, used with permission
The first 1893 Mauser rifles and carbines were made under contract by in Germany by Ludwig Loewe, later DWM.  Distinguishing characteristics of the
German contract rifles and carbines are:

1)  Spanish crest and year of manufacture on receiver, "Berlin"  on Loewe rifles, "Obendorf" on Obendorf rifles.  DWM rifles do not have the Spanish crest.  .
2)  Manufacturer's markings on left receiver rail.
3)  Rifles have approximately 29" barrels, carbines have approximately 17" barrels.
4)  Folding leaf (flip up ladder) rear sights.
5)  No thumb cutout on left receiver rail or gas escape hole in left side of receiver, although the gas escape holes were added later on some examples.
:6)  Bolts have flat surface on the bottom of the bolt face to aid in cartridge feeding.
Serial Numbers:  The models with the Spanish crest (most of them) have the typical pattern of a letter followed by four numbers. The following figures and
serial numbers for imports to Spain diring the 1890's are courtesy of Jack Carnahan, who is doing surveys mostly on contract Mausers produced for export.  
Adding up everything gives about 325,000 contract rifles imported into Spain in the 1890's.
1) Loewe "standard marked" rifles (like most of the above):  Serial numbers from A81XX to D34XX in 1894; E17XX to U17XX in 1896.  Roughly
200,000+ total.
2)  Model 1895's from Loewe, no markings to indicate Spanish contract.  Serial numbers from 4XX to 109XX, roughly 11,000 total.
3)  Model 1893's from Mauser, serial numbers from A97XX to D46XX, roughly 45000 total
4)  Model 93's from DWM, serial numbers 85XX to C99XX observed, roughly 40000 total.
5)  Maybe 40000 from FN (Fabrique Nationale, Belgium
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Another Loewe Model 1893 side rail.  Photo courtesy of "ccmano"
Side rails from both a Loewe Mauser (above) and an Obendorf Mauser (below).  Note that both have the six-pointed "Star of David", which would seem to
refute the story that the star was put on Loewe-made firearms because the family was Jewish.  Also note the "saturn" logo.  Possible alien connection?
Serial Numbers
Original German manufacture rear sight.  Ones with
a button on the side were made or modified in