Model 1895 Carbines
Model 1895 carbines have the identical action to the Model 1893 rifles; the only difference relates to the barrel length.  The Spanish Model 1895 carbines
differ from other Model 1895 rifles in that the bolt face is squared off at the bottom.  Distinguishing features are as follows:

1)  Oviedo markings (crown and "Fabrica de Armas Oviedo" and the date of manufacture) on the receiver.

2)  Approximately 17" barrel

3)  No thumb cutout in the left receiver rail or gas escape hole in the left side of the receiver.

4)  Short carbine sight, stocked all the way to the end of the barrel (other variations discussed below)

The picture below is of a Paraguyan carbine, but shows what a Model 1895 Spanish carbine should look like from the top.  You will have to imagine the
Oviedo logo on the receiver bridge.
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Photo by Jean Plamondon, used with permission
Collectible Firearms photo, used with permission
Serial Numbers and Production Dates
The production data that I have correlated with the serial numbers is given below.  A carbine with a serial number of H1055 is assumed to be the 81,055th
carbine produced.  Note that there are several out-of-sequence carbines.  Since they fall on both sides of the line, it is hard to come up with an explanation.  
Probably about 85,000 carbines  were produced total at Oviedo.  Annual production rate is a little less than 4000.  A few carbines in "Mexican" configuration
(not stocked to the end, two barrel bands) have also surfaced (see above).  They have the typcial Oviedo markings.  I assume these were made for export to
Mexico.  Please see this link for
Production Graphs
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The picture above shows what a carbine sight
on a Model 1895 carbine should look like (not
quite like the one on the Paragauyan carbine).
Close up of a saddle ring.  Paul Reckamp photo.
Production and
Serial Numbers
"Mexican" carbine, dated 1927.  Peter Henningsen photo