Oviedo Model 1916
The Oviedo-marked 1916's are very similar to the Model 1893, and have the following features:
1)   Oviedo markings (Crown, "Fabrica de Armas Oviedo" and the year of manufacture) on the receiver.
2)  Approximately 22" barrel.
3)  Thumb cutout in the left side of the receiver rail
4)  Gas escape hole in the left side of the receiver.
5)  Most have the tangent leaf "rollercoaster" rear sight.  Some models have the "lange vizier" sight.  The two sets of sketches and photos below show how
the two types compare.  Lange vizier sights have been reported from 1921 to 1927.  Most others have tangent leaf sights, although I have a report of one
example with a folding leaf sight as well.  See the serial numbers page for the latest details.
6)  Original bolts have curved handles.  
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Serial Numbers/Years of Production:  The Model 1916's started production appropriately enough in 1916.  The last Oviedo marked Model 1916 that I
have heard of was made in 1936.  My best guess on total production is about 325,000.  All of the numbers I have seen so far fall into the simple pattern
of a letter followed by four numbers, from 40XX in 1917 to 2B43XX in 1936.  The production graph shows that the dates are reasonably well
correlated with the serial numbers.  I have assumed for example that serial number V6045 is rifle number 226,045  The production graph is on this
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Sketches from Calvo's book "Modeles
Portatiles de Retrocarga - Armamento de
Repeticion, Armas Largas"
Left - Model 1916 lange vizier sight
Right - Model 1916 tangent leaf sight
Jean Plamodon Photo, used with permission
Left - lange vizier sight from
a Model 1916

Right - top view of tangent
leaf sight

Below Left - another view
of a Lange Vizier sight
Production and
Serial Numbers
The pictures below are of a hinged floorplate on a Model 1916, submitted by "LV Steve".