These are the references I used to research Mauser production in Spain.  While most of the information in the books is excellent, some of it is contradictory and
confusing.  This is what started me down this path in the first place - I noticed that a couple of the Spanish Mausers in my collection did not match the
descriptions in the books.  Either I had some very unsual guns, or the references were wrong.  I'm not going to go into the inconsistencies I discovered - book
reviews is not one of the purposes of this site.  Suffice to say that my attitude now is "I believe what I see".

Ball, Robert W. D.  
Mauser Military Rifles of the World.  Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1st ed, 1996.  Lots of pictures of several variants.

Boada y Castro, D. Jose  El Fusil Mauser Espanol Modelo 1893 Carratera de Villaviciosa, Gijon, 1896  Spanish language book that describes the
operation of the Model 1893 Spanish Mauser

Calvo, Juan L.  Modelos Portatiles de Retrocarga Armamentos de Repeticion Armas Largas 1880-1916 Barcelona, 1976  Spanish language book that
describes rifles made or used by Spain between 1880 and 1916.

Carr, Raymond (editor)  The Spanish Civil War - A History in Pictures.  New York, NY:  W.W. Norton & Co, 1986,

de Haas, Frank.  
Bolt Action Rifles.  Northbrook, IL: DBI Books, revised ed, 1984. Only reference I know of that has barrel shank drawings showing
barrel thread diameter and pitch.

Hoffman, Richard A. and Schott, Noel P.  Handbook of Military Rifle Marks 1866-1950 St Louis, MO:  Mapleleaf Militaria Publications, 2nd ed.

Howson, Gerald.  
Arms for Spain - The Untold Story of the Spanish Civil War.  New York, NY:  St Martin's Press, 1st US edition, 1999.  The real story of
arms procurement by the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War.  Not much specific information on rifles, but a good historical reference.

Olson, Ludwig.  Mauser Bolt Rifles. Montezuma, IA:  F. Brownell & Son Publishers, 9th printing, 1976.  One of the "classic" references.  Lots of good
information and pictures.

Ministerio de Ejercito  Reglamento para la Instruccion de Tiro con el Mosqueton Mauser de 7.62 mm (transformado de 7 mm) Servicio Geographico del
Ejercito, Madrid, 1965  
Spanish language manual dealing with the 7.62 mm conversion rifles

Rubi, Barcelo.  
Armamento Portatil Espanol (1764-1939).  Libreria Editorial San Martin; Madrid; 1976.  Spanish language book that contains some
information about Spanish production not found elsewhere.

Thomas, Hugh.  The Spanish Civil War.  New York, NY:  Simon & Schuster; 1986.  The "bible" reference of the Spanish Civil War.

Walter, John.  Rifles of the World Northbrook, IL: DBI Books, 1993.  A lot of information packed into this book.
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Samco Global Arms An importer of Spanish Mausers

1898 - The Spanish American War in Puerto Rico Spanish-language article that draws on some of the information from the Rubi book above.
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