Spanish Model 1893 and 1916 Survey
My name is Fred Masterton, and I have been studying Spanish Model 1893's and 1916's for several  years now.  What got me started was the confusing and
often contradictory information given in the

Most of the information I have gathered has come through the internet.  Special thanks to Jack Carnahan, who conducted a previous survey, and shared his
data with me.

The information I am collecting is detailed below.  Please see the pictures for more detail on what these features are

1)  Serial number, including the letter prefix.  Most Spanish serial numbers are in the format of a letter followed by four numbers, but not all -see the different
pages or the serial number page for details.  I report the serial numbers with 2 X's at the end (as opposed to the actual numbers) to protect the privacy of
people who submit data, but I would like to get the entire number if possible for my database.

2)  Markings on the receiver bridge.  The early Oviedo rifles have a crown with "Fabrica de Armas Oviedo" and the year of manufacture.  Many of the later
Model 1916's have the Guardia Civil crest (looks like a sword crossed over staffs of wheat).  Many others lack markings completely other than a few proof

3)  Check the receiver for the presence or absence of a thumb cut (to facilitate cartidge loading) in the left receiver rail and a gas escape hole in the left side of
the receiver.  See the picture below.

4)  Barrel length and caliber.  Measure barrel length from where the barrel contacts the receiver to the end.  Although this is not the "true" barrel length, it is an
easy and reproducible measurement.

5)  Rear sight.  Is it a folding leaf "flip up ladder" sight, a tangent leaf "roller coaster" sight, or a lange vizier similar to the German WWI vintage model 98's?  
See pictures below.

6)  Any other markings or relevant features.

Please send to

For the complete data so far, see the serial numbers pages as follows::

Model 1893 Serial Numbers
Model 1895 Carbine Serial Numbers
Model 1916 Serial Numbers
Model 1916 Carbine Serial Numbers
Unmarked Model 1916 Serial Numbers
Miscellaneous Serial Numbers
Republican Serial Numbers
FR7 Serial Numbers

Some relevant features are shown in the pictures below.
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Thiis picture shows the parts
of a Model 1916 Oviedo
Tangent Sight
Lange Vizier Sight
Folding Leaf "Flip Up" sights, as seen on Model 1893 long
rifles.  The one on the left has an Oviedo style slide, while the
one on the right has a German style slide.  Not only are they
different style, but the adjustment buttons are on opposite sides
of the sight leaf.
The two styles above are from Oviedo manufactured
Model 1916 rifles
Carbine sights have a siilar differentiation  The sight on the left is
from an Oviedo carbine, while the one on the right is from an FN
carbine, but the rear sight on a German made carbine is the same
Survey 6
Rear Sight Styles